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Covid-19 had a dramatic impact on travel and tourism in Australia and around the world throughout 2020 and 2021.


Despite these challenges we’re pleased to have been able to adapt our plans to embrace Australia as a destination in 2021 with our ‘Destination Australia’ private Qantas 737 journey in operating April and our second private Qantas 737 journey, Destination Australia & New Zealand, scheduled for May 2023. 


In September 2022 we embark on our Kimberley Coast Expedition, our second Coral Expeditions voyage after Tasmania in March.


We’re excited to be venturing overseas again, to Antarctica aboard Silver Wind in January 2023, Japan aboard Oceania Nautica in March 2023 and more international journeys coming soon.


We have adapted our terms and conditions to reflect the uncertainty of travel planning at this time and we thank our loyal guests for their ongoing support.