About Us

About Us

Constellation Journeys

Constellation Journeys was founded in February 2017 by Dan Kotzmann. With 30 years of experience in hospitality and tourism, including nearly 20 years planning and operating tours to all corners of the globe, Dan has perfected the art of luxury travel.

Constellation Journeys’ first tour was the charter of a Qantas 747 for a tour Around the World in April and May 2018. Visiting Hanoi, India, The Serengeti, Marrakech, New York, Havana and Tahiti this unique itinerary was extremely popular and sold out many months prior to departure.

Dan has long established contacts with hotels, restaurants and local guides in all the places visited by our Constellation Journeys and together with his experienced team has personally planned every aspect of the 2019 tour program.

Dan’s hands-on approach means he welcomes direct contact with prospective guests, if you have questions about the 2019 tour program feel free to call and speak with Dan directly on our office number.

A personal welcome to our 2019 journeys

Eastern Europe is really the heart of the continent and the cities we’ve included all have a fascinating history, both ancient and recent, and they all share a particular beauty that sets them apart.Some of my earliest travel recollections are from this part of the world and I’ve been a frequent visitor to Russia, Poland and to Vienna, one of my favourite cities in the world, over the years.

Planning our Around the World Qantas tours is always an exciting process.Naturally there are operational and logistical considerations, but the ability to combine remote and iconic tourist sites like Easter Island and Machu Picchu with emerging tourist destinations like Malta and Seoul and cultural icons like Cartagena, Barcelona and of course Jerusalem is what makes this type of holiday so special.

I look forward to welcoming you to one of our journeys in 2019.

Dan Kotzmann